How to install the roof box?

2022-03-22 | INSTALL

Installing the roof box is quite simple. According to our experience in installing the roof box and customer feedback, we remind you again to pay attention to the following matters during installation:


1. Carefully read the introduction related to loading in the vehicle manual. Many models have a clear explanation on how to realize the roof loading scheme, installation position and bearing weight in the manual. Look carefully and maybe you can find the relevant instructions.


2. The roof box shall be installed in the middle of the roof frame to ensure that the bearing weight can be evenly distributed to the two cross bars to make the stress uniform. As the base frame, the roof frame should bear all the weight of the roof box and stored items, which is very important for safety. Therefore, we must choose the brand roof frame, such as our wing series roof frame.


3. The installation position of the roof box shall not be tilted, nor shall it be too backward or too forward: it shall be ensured that the roof box will not be pushed when the rear tailgate of the vehicle is fully opened or the hood is lifted up and fully opened. (As shown in the figure below)



4. The roof box should be parallel to the road surface to ensure that wind resistance and wind noise are greatly reduced during driving.


5. Remember to check whether the items in the roof box and the roof box are firmly fixed at the rest interval of each trip.

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