Maintenance of roof cross bar



1. Don't overload the roof frame. The top frame of cool bus is marked with the designed bearing capacity of the car, which can be directly used as a reference. The 75kg marked on the roof frame of other brands and the 100kg marked on the Hubble roof frame are relatively vague. You need to check the manual of your own model to determine the actual bearing weight.

2. Note that the lock cylinder and key shall be installed on the roof frame, and the lock shall be ensured during use.

3. The roof frame made of aluminum alloy will not rust, but there will be slow oxidation in use. Rainwater or car washing water contains acidic or alkaline substances, which will also form a certain erosion on the surface, and there will be slight color spots after a long time, which is a normal phenomenon.

4. When carrying heavy objects or other hard metal objects, it is easy to cause slight scratches on the aluminum alloy cross bar, which is a normal wear phenomenon.

5. During use, ensure that the sealing strip has been installed on the cross bar to prevent dust and reduce wind noise.

6. After the roof frame is installed, it does not need to be removed frequently. Because for cars with ordinary roof, frequent disassembly and assembly of roof frame may damage the paint; For vehicles installed with reserved fixed points, frequent disassembly and assembly may cause damage to the screws at the fixed points. Therefore, although the roof frame can be disassembled and assembled, it is still necessary to make excellent preparations for long-term fixation on the roof when selecting.

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