The roof rail is classified according to the longitudinal rail of the vehicle model?

2022-03-22 | CHOOSE


1、 Installation of roof luggage rack cross bar on arch bridge longitudinal rail: the distance between front and rear needs to be measured for the installation of transverse support on arch bridge longitudinal rail, so as to install bicycle frame, roof trunk, luggage frame and other equipment in the future, and then fix the support on the longitudinal rail according to the method of the manual;

2、 Install the cross bar of roof luggage rack on the close fitting longitudinal rail: the method is similar to the arch bridge longitudinal rail. Bolts are used to fix the buckle on the longitudinal rail, but the structure of the buckle is also different due to the different structure of the longitudinal rail; When selecting, pay attention to the correct type, which is generally relatively simple;

3、The installation of the cross bar of the roof luggage rack on the grooved longitudinal rail is more complex than the above two longitudinal rails. A set of buckle base needs to be added, which is relatively cumbersome in operation.


There are many styles of luggage rack crossbar, most of which are special for special vehicles. Most of the roof cross bars manufactured by simu are universal. If necessary, please take a look at our wing series cross bars.

1. The roof frame of wing series can bear the bearing capacity of 165 kg and can be used for various models.

2. Turbulence design is adopted to reduce wind resistance and wind noise without increasing fuel consumption.

3. It is made of aluminum alloy, and the color and size can be customized.

4. Anti theft design, easy installation.

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