Do you really know the difference between the brand roof box and the ordinary roof box?

2022-06-28 | CHOOSE


At present, many other small brands and even factory roof boxes are on sale in China, and the price will be lower than that of brand manufacturers. Can these roof boxes be used safely? The answer is definitely No. the manufacturing technology of the current roof trunk has been updated to the third generation, and the materials used are imported abs+pmma+pc materials that are tough and anti-aging. Compared with the second generation roof trunk technology still used in these small workshops, it is much better in all aspects. The price of the brand's roof trunk may be a little higher, but it has perfect after-sales and installation guarantee, Many of the products of the small workshops do not even have quality inspection, let alone after-sales support. Therefore, in terms of selecting the roof luggage, it is recommended that you choose the products of the brand.

As a hot cake in the self driving market, many manufacturers try to produce and produce the roof luggage. However, subject to the blockade of the brand's technology and process, most of them can only stop in terms of product quality, but have a price war with the brand. The market is infinite, but consumers' patience is limited. Inferior products will eventually be eliminated. Consume rationally and enjoy life!

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