How to choose the right roof box for your car?

2024-01-16 | CHOOSE

The shape, size and color of the roof box can be customized. Therefore, we should consider the following aspects when choosing the roof box:
Vehicle dimensions: Start by knowing the dimensions of your vehicle, including the width and length of the roof. Make sure the roof box is the right size for your vehicle and does not extend beyond the roof.

Capacity requirements: Determine the capacity of the roof box according to your needs. If you need to carry a lot of luggage or travel for a long time, choosing a roof box with a larger capacity will be more appropriate.

Material and quality: The material and quality of the roof box directly affects its durability and safety. Roahtrip's roof box is made of ABS+PC+PMMA, which is waterproof and dustproof. Our box can be adaptable to various outdoor weather conditions.


Mounting method: There are various ways to mount the roof box, including fast clips and U-Bolts. The patented design fast clip can help the box to be installed only in one minute. Choose the right mounting method that suits your vehicle and make sure it is secure and reliable.


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