How to safely drive a car with roof equipment?

2022-04-08 | MODE OF USE


The installation of roof equipment not only expands the use space of the vehicle, but also means that the height and weight of the vehicle have changed. You need to adapt to this change in time and adjust your driving habits and methods.

1. After installing the roof equipment, the car will be more sensitive to the wind on the side.

2. The center of gravity of the vehicle has been improved (especially after loading), so special attention should be paid to safety when driving on curves and braking;

3. After installing the roof equipment, the height of the car increases. Therefore, you must always remind yourself to pay attention, especially when you get off the low hanging branches, underpass, height limit rod and underground garage.

4. Always check the roof equipment to ensure that it is firmly fixed without looseness. On the long-distance road, remember to check in time during rest or refueling, and fasten it in time in case of looseness to eliminate potential safety hazards.

5. According to the requirements of traffic regulations, it is strongly recommended to limit the high speed of vehicles equipped with roof equipment to 120 kilometers per hour.

6. Driving with empty roof equipment for a long time will increase fuel consumption. From the perspective of environmental protection and energy conservation, we suggest that if it is not used for a long time, it can be removed for use outside.

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