Maintenance of roof box



Reasonable and correct loading can not only improve the utilization space of the roof box, but also ensure the safety of yourself and others. Reasonable weight distribution is the key: half of the total weight of the items in the roof box should be in the middle, and the remaining half of the weight should be distributed at the front and rear ends of the roof box. This can ensure that the load of the whole roof box can be evenly distributed to the roof frame and the body parts connected with it.

No matter how many items are loaded, ensure that the roof box can be closed and locked: if too many items are filled, it is easy to tilt the edge of the roof box upward. At this time, the central safety lock can not ensure the normal operation of the locking points on the front and rear sides, which will form a potential safety hazard.

Don't be overweight. The total weight of the roof box and the loaded items shall not exceed the heavy weight that the roof can bear. For the heavy weight that each model can bear, please refer to the vehicle manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Winter precautions: if you are carrying skis in the roof box, make sure that the skis are bound with straps and will not slide back and forth in the roof box. It is recommended to lay a layer of rubber pad or moisture-proof pad to increase friction.

Precautions in summer: the roof box can prevent dust, wind, sand and water, but its tightness is not good. It is recommended to wrap and protect the items susceptible to moisture with moisture-proof bags or plastic bags, or separate the clean items from the dirty ones.

Cleaning of the roof box: the roof box can be washed directly with water, or with a high-pressure water gun when washing the car. However, pay attention to controlling the water flow direction. The roof box can be rainproof, but its tightness can not withstand the high pressure from the bottom to the top of the high-pressure water gun. It is recommended to wash horizontally or from the top to the bottom.

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