Make adventure easier : Free your hands

2024-01-18 | CHOOSE

Roahtrip roof rack offers endless possibilities to make your travel more convenient and comfortable. The crossbars are able to carry a variety of roof products such as top boxes and roof baskets. Therefore, you can safely leave your luggage on the top and enjoy your trip.


Universal model: Roahtrip roof rack can be suitable for 90% of market models, and help to reduce unnecessary bulk stocking. You can easily install and remove this roof rack to different cars, saving your valuable time and space.


Aerodynamic design: Roahtrip roof rack is made of thickened material aluminium, and the turbulence design has taken account the strength and wind noise. It has undergone rigourous testing to ensure stability and safety in all weather conditions, which aims to minimize the roof noise on the premise of your safty. In addition, locking knobs are equipped on rack rails, which ensures the crossbar to be locked in place.

Roahtrip high quality roof rack can make your adventure easier, safer and more enjoyable. Choose Roahtrip roof rack to feel free and flexible trip!

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