Our top box coating methods are spray and electrophoresis. Let me introduce it to you

2023-10-11 | COMPANY NEWS

Our top box coating methods are spray and electrophoresis. Here is a brief introduction:



I believe everyone should know that painting refers to a method of covering a protective layer or decorative layer on metal and non-metal surfaces. Especially with the development of The Times, the painting methods have gradually begun to increase, such as spray and electrophoretic paint coating and so on. However, some people who are not very familiar with the coating are a little unclear about the coating method, so sometimes spray and electrophoretic paint are often mixed as one, thinking that they are the same coating method, in fact, the two are not the same.




So what is the difference between the spraying of auto parts and the electrophoresis paint process?


1. Principle


Spraying: Charge the plastic powder through the high-voltage electrostatic equipment, under the action of the electric field, spray the paint to the surface of the workpiece, the powder will be uniformly adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece, forming a powder coating; The powder coating is baked at high temperature and then levelled and cured, and the plastic particles melt into a dense final protective coating with different effects; Firmly attached to the surface of the workpiece.


Electrophoretic paint: The electrically conductive coated material is immersed in a relatively low concentration of electrophoretic coating tank filled with water dilution as an anode (or cathode), and its corresponding cathode (or anode) is set in the tank. After direct current is indirectly passed at the two poles for a period of time, a uniform fine, water-soluble coating film is deposited on the surface of the coated material.




2. Features


Spray plastic: no need for thin material, the construction is pollution-free to the environment and non-toxic to the human body; The coating has excellent appearance quality, strong adhesion and mechanical strength; Spray curing time is short; The corrosion and wear resistance of the coating is much higher; No primer required; Simple construction, low technical requirements for workers; The cost is lower than the spray painting process;


Electrophoretic paint: low pollution, energy saving,


It has the characteristics of smooth coating film, good water resistance and chemical resistance, easy to realize the mechanization and automation of the painting industry, suitable for complex shape, edge corners, holes and holes in the workpiece painting, and is widely used in the painting of automobiles, automatic vehicles, electromechanical, home appliances and other hardware.




3. Process


Spray Plastic:


Pretreatment: oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, passivation. After the workpiece is pre-treated, there is not only no oil, rust, dust on the surface, but also a uniform and rough gray phosphating film that is not easy to rust is generated on the original silver-white surface, which can both prevent rust and increase the adhesion of the spray layer.


Electrostatic spraying: Using the principle of electrostatic adsorption, spray a layer of powder coating evenly on the surface of the workpiece, the powder is recovered through the recovery system, and can be reused after screening;


High temperature curing: push the sprayed workpiece into the curing furnace, heat to the predetermined temperature (generally 185 degrees), and hold the corresponding time (15 minutes), open the furnace to take out cooling to get the finished product. The general workpiece is different, and the heating temperature and holding time are also different. Oven cooling; Decorative treatment.


Electrophoretic paint:


Pretreatment: It is mainly used for cleaning and phosphating the surface of metal workpieces in order to meet the requirements of final electrophoretic coating, and the commonly used phosphating are iron and zinc phosphating. The method of spraying forest and dipping is often used.


Electrophoresis: The bath solution contains 80 to 90% deionized water and 10 to 20% paint solids. The coating solid contains the resin component of film forming and the pigment filler component of providing color; Electrophoresis tank and auxiliary equipment; Drying path: provides the coating curing temperature required for the coating film curing.




At present, the general way of painting the top box is only spray, and the bottom two reinforcing bars of the outdoor rain suitcase are easy to rust and corrosion. Our company has specially improved this situation according to this situation, and obtained a patent certificate. If you have special needs for loading, please consult customer service to answer your questions



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