We will wait for you in 2023 0utdoor retailer Winter

2023-11-06 | COMPANY NEWS

As a leader in automotive equipment focusing on top boxes, roof luggage frames, roof bars and more, we cordially invite you to join us for our next show adventure!


First of all, thank you for meeting us at the Sema Show in Las Vegas. Turning the page, we will be taken to the outdoor exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, November 14-16. We will showcase our latest technologies and innovative products while inviting you to experience and appreciate the magnificent scenery of Utah for yourself.

Then, we welcome you to continue to join us and fly across the Pacific to attend the Frankfurt Auto Show in Shanghai, China from November 29 to December 2. We will further showcase our superior processes and high quality products, listening and learning from voices and suggestions from around the world.


Whether it is the sunshine on the salt Lake or the streets of Shanghai, we are looking forward to meeting you again and starting a new journey in this world together. Come on, let's dress up our own adventure and start our endless journey.


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