What is the box on top of the car for?

2023-10-11 | COMPANY NEWS

The boxes on the roof of the car are the roof trunk, the car trunk, and the top box.

What's with the box on the roof? - With a car

The role of the roof trunk:

1, expand storage space: In order to expand storage space, the top box is often installed on the roof of the car for carrying more self-driving equipment, luggage, etc. Car top boxes have been popularized in developed countries in Europe and the United States.

2, convenient and practical: with the increase of domestic car ownership and the rise of outdoor sports and self-driving Tours, the existing space in the car is increasingly unable to meet the needs of storage, therefore, people's demand for car top boxes will also increase.

3, fashion: In order to increase the storage space of the vehicle, so the clever design of easy to load, large capacity of the top box to achieve. The top box can expand the storage space of the car, which is fashionable and practical.

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