With 26 years of experience in plastic and sheet metal production

Specializing in the production of automotive outdoor sports equipment

Roof boxes, roof luggage racks, roof crossbars, bike racks, and more

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26+ Years

Production Experience


Exported Countries

$ 2000W

Annual Sales

15 Days

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50 Sets


What makes us the best fit for you?

Roahtrip is a factory specializing in the production of car roof boxes, roof racks, car bike racks, and components for automotive outdoor products. With over 26 years of experience in manufacturing plastic and metal products, our factory covers an expansive area of 20,000 square meters. This substantial facility ensures ample space for production and guarantees a significant daily output, enabling us to effectively meet the diverse demands of our valued customers.



A surface treatment system measuring 400 meters in length, combining electrocoating and powder coating processes.



More than 26 years of experience let us understand every detail and the impact on customers.



We strictly follow the highest standards in the product design and manufacturing process, and conduct strict quality control and testing. We know the importance of product quality and safety to our customers.



Professional customer service team,Loyal and disciplined. We respect the spirit of the contract. We protect our partners by region and product.

Our Equipment

We take great pride in possessing a comprehensive production line, which includes plastic sheet manufacturing, large-scale plastic thermoforming machines, injection molding machines, laser cutting machines, bending machines, tube bending machines, and stamping machines. This robust lineup of production equipment enables us to showcase outstanding manufacturing capabilities in the automotive sector. Whether you require bulk production or small batch customization, we have the flexibility to meet your diverse needs. We are dedicated to crafting automotive roof boxes, roof racks, bicycle frames, and other outdoor components for vehicles. Our team holds extensive experience in both design and manufacturing, allowing us to provide personalized custom solutions.

ROAHTRIP: Creators of Unforgettable Adventures

At ROAHTRIP, we're more than a company; we're experience creators. As a top-tier manufacturer of premium automotive outdoor gear, we take pride in crafting products that transcend utility – they become an integral part of your journeys. Precision Engineering for Quality; Precision is paramount in outdoor gear. Each ROAHTRIP product is engineered to withstand diverse landscapes and weather conditions. Our car bike racks ensure bike safety on the move, while roof racks offer versatile storage, and car roof cargo boxes provide ample space. Innovation that Fuels Adventure; Innovation is at our core. We push boundaries, seeking new materials, designs, and techniques to enrich your outdoor experience. Our products go beyond functionality; they enhance your travels and open doors to new horizons. A Commitment to Sustainability; We're committed to exceptional gear and responsibility. Eco-friendly practices in manufacturing and materials selection ensure your adventures leave a positive environmental impact.

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